Complete Vulva Triptych (Aglaia, Euphrosyne, Thalia) by Carly Owens

Complete Vulva Triptych (Aglaia, Euphrosyne, Thalia) by Carly Owens


This listing is for the COMPELTE Vulva Triptych. To buy just one part for $110 please visit each specific listing.




Description: goldwork hand embroidery on wool, each is individually framed, 8"x8"

Carly is donating 25% of the cost of Vulva Triptych to MESA.

Carly Owens is a contemporary hand embroidery artist and designer who specializes in goldwork hand embroidery. Carly received her BAD in Art+Design: Fashion and Fibers Studies from North Carolina State University in 2017 and was trained in crewelwork and goldwork hand embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework in the United Kingdom. She was a finalist for the international Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery (2017) based in London. Her work is a dichotomy between honoring traditional methodologies of making while also pushing them into a contemporary context in terms of subject and the boundaries in which the materials are used.

Most of Carly's work is inspired by womanhood and her personal experiences within it. The purpose of her work is to empower women and spin a positive light on them through a medium, hand embroidery, in which was historically seen as "women's work" and was not taken seriously. Goldwork embroidery was traditionally seen as symbol of power because of it's historic roots of being worn by royalty and those with high status. Carly applies goldwork embroidery to feminist imagery as a statement to the power of women.

To learn more about Carly’s work, visit her website or visit her Instagram @carlyowensembroidery

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