Only If You Want It by Laney Pelton

Only If You Want It by Laney Pelton


This listing is for Laney’s series of three, Only If You Want It. If you are interested in buying only one part of the series, follow the links below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Description: digital print and ink on paper, 16x20”

Laney is donating 100% of Only If You Want It to MESA.

Hello, my name is Laney Pelton and I am a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder studying Studio Art.

This series, ​Only If You Want It, ​is a combination of line art and illustration that I have produced as a testament not only in prevention of sexual assault and support of its victims, but to shed light onto the importance and weight that the Body Sovereignty movement holds. While body submission is something that lives, to some degree, within all of us, I have found that women are the predominant martyrs. All too often, we are complicit rather than courageous when it comes to our own bodies and its needs. For how far our country has come in regards to women’s rights, the oppressive paradigm that views women as commodities, incapable, and less than, very much still exists around the world and manifests in our own mothers, sisters, and daughters.

This piece is about the allyship that we must share with ourselves. It is time to recognize the supreme power and authority we have of our own bodies, even at the risk of ruffling feathers or disappointing others. This is about creating a definitive statement that one’s needs of their mind & body no longer have to take the backseat. This is about reshaping the approach of making others comfortable at the demise of ourselves. You are not stirring the pot, you are not creating problems, you are not responsible of fulfilling others needs and desires, and you are beholden to NO ONE but yourself.

So, order that extra slice of pizza when no one else wants one, speak up when the person doing your nails is cutting those cuticles a little too short, make it clear that just because you let them into your bed, doesn’t mean you wanted to have sex. Say no to everything your body is telling you, and when you do say yes, make sure it’s only because you want it.

In freeing ourselves, we allow others to find their own freedom. Your body is yours, your body is good, and your body is sovereign.

To connect with Laney or learn more about her work, follow her on Instagram @laney4president

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