In Touch by Noah Smith

In Touch by Noah Smith


Description: Digital print on canvas, hand-made canvas stretcher, 24" x 18"

Noah is donating 100% of the cost of In Touch to MESA.

My name is Noah Smith and I’m a student at Colorado College where I study Art History and Architecture/Design.  

My piece is called In Touch. When thinking about what to make for this event, I was confronted by a lot of questions for myself that I wasn’t quite sure how to answer or if I was even the right person to answer them. What do I have to say about “body sovereignty” that would be worthwhile? How can I, as someone who identifies as a cis-male, positively add to this important conversation instead of taking away from it as many do? My goal is to encourage and support survivors, to people of all genders and sexual orientation, without minimizing anyone’s experience.

With my piece, I simply want to say, “it’s okay.” Whatever you’re feeling. It’s okay. You might feel out of touch with your body. It’s okay. You might feel out of touch with yourself. That’s okay too. No matter what you’re feeling, be in touch with that. No one can tell you what you’re feeling is wrong. You will find your way back because, with recognition, comes connection.

To connect with Noah or learn more about his art, follow him on Instagram @noah_smithers

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