Deck 1 of Used Decks by Andie Smith

Deck 1 of Used Decks by Andie Smith


This listing is for Deck 1 of Andie’s series, Used Decks.

If you are interested in purchasing all five pieces of the series for $200, click here.

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Description: recycled skateboard deck

Andie is donating 25% of the cost of Deck 1 to MESA.

A used skateboard deck is analogous to the used and discarded body. After sexual abuse, the victim’s body feels expended, tainted, and/or treated as a vehicle for someone else’s pleasure.

With Used Decks, I aim to reclaim phrases, brand logos, and the medium of the decks to empower and upend stigmas, stereotypes, and gender roles. I have chosen five different skateboard or streetwear brands. By altering these logos to advocate for women empowerment, I reclaim the brand visually and conceptually.

 Oftentimes, these brands will use photos of female models in their graphics and clothes to promote their products and generate sex appeal. However, my photographs seek to reclaim a femininity and sexuality. Refraining from makeup, bras, or traditional symbols of female beauty, these photos hope to evoke a simple, clear message of body sovereignty; that women have ownership over their femininity and bodies. 

In “Deck 4”, the logo of the brand Stussy is changed to “Pussy.” While this piece can be received as disarming and provocative, I aim to reclaim this phrase “pussy”, similar to reclaiming used decks and streetwear logos. Within this context, I intend to use the word to empower woman’s bodies and their sexuality. 

To connect with Andie or to learn more about her work, follow her on Instagram @andiejosmith 

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