Cotton Candy Skies by Alexa Ballenger

Cotton Candy Skies by Alexa Ballenger


Description: Acrylic, 12x24”

Alexa is donating 25% of the cost of Cotton Candy Skies to MESA.

I'm a Colorado artist and graphic designer who draws inspiration from our ever changing environment and the natural world – you’ll see that reflected in almost all of my work. There is no better way to immerse yourself into a beautiful place than to sit down and paint it - that feeling stays with you and makes the things you create that much more meaningful in the long run.

Cotton Candy Skies was painted live at a concert in Boulder, this piece was less about the end result and more about the flow of music that brought all of the colors and lines together.

To connect with Alexa or learn more about her art, follow her on Instagram @paintthewild or visit her website

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