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State of Consciousness

State of Consciousness

Some ramblings in the form of a poem sparked by a Hemingway quote my father emailed me and a letter from a neighbor and a rejection from a job

On your own, attracted to the moon’s polarity that calls for your independence

It feels a lot like moodiness, however

She is pretty dramatic, that rock, I think - She sits partially in the spotlight most nights, sometimes completely.

She demands movement and our suppression to Earth



Under the moon

Us, feeling infinite. Knowing tragically that we’re finite

Finite consciousness seems the better deal if we’d otherwise have the opposite.

On your own, imagine the jump form the roadside where you’re parked.

Next to a no parking sign but you threw your apple core through the passenger window earlier - so unlike you (you’ll be yourself tomorrow)

Simultaneously her and you

Maybe you’d just float through the jump -

Or would it be like those dreams where your body jerks from a fall? - you know the ones.  

Simultaneousness is the one thing we all who are living can know to be truth

Write a letter to Hemingway, tell him you agree

It is the truest thing I know - that I exist in a simultaneous time with you

Through walls, across cities, under opposing stars

And one day, I’ll meet you under the ground


I’ll bring weed, you bring the lighter - now and then

Maybe I’ll know more then, but for now, I’ve got more to do and so do you

Like rip my nail and bite my lip until it is swollen

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 7.55.05 PM.png

Like go outside with frizzy pink hair and pretend to be unseen

Like imagine a world in which humans photosynthesize

and currency is carbon dioxide

and cows are free

and we die of cambium infiltrators not professionalism

God really was on drugs on Tuesday

My Shekhinah, what have you done?

Is the successful me just simultaneously existing on the other side of the universe?

Are we just her failed experiment - like the fig tree we tried to grow in a pot that we named Newt and kissed as he wilted?

Body Sovereignty

Body Sovereignty

High Intensity Overflow

High Intensity Overflow